Victoria and Albert: Art & Love, Queens Gallery at Buckingham Palace

Opening today at the Queens Gallery at Buckingham Palace in London, the first major exhibition of the Royal Collection of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s love for art and each other. Victoria & Albert: Art & Love focuses on the period of their engagement in 1839 to the Prince’s death in 1861. (“The exhibition also challenges the popular image of Queen Victoria – the melancholy widow of 40 years. Through 400 works from across the entire Royal Collection, including paintings, drawings, photographs, jewellery and sculpture, Victoria emerges as a romantic and open-minded young woman.”) The exhibition provides an intimate perspective of the couples aesthetic taste within decorative arts and proves a more passionate companionship.

Victoria and Albert’s relationship developed through a large acquisition of fascinating architectural furniture, marble sculptures, and heirloom jewels. The couple’s collection featured some of their favorite artists and genres such as German Renaissance artwork. An amazing array of portraits that were challenged by great painters, such as Franz Xaver Winterhalter and Sir William Ross, featured the family as a matriarchal unit, represented in styles of Flemish and Italian constructs.  Most of these acquisitions were given as gifts to each other commemorating significant dates and events. For more information and to view the online exhibition visit

Eli Consilvio