Art of the Hand-Knotted: Marc Phillips Crafts Art through Textile

Wonderful things can happen when textiles and fine art mix. Think: Nick Cave’s sound suits or Tanya Aguiniga’s felted furniture.

Now, Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs will take part in the action, offering an exhibit of “specially curated rugs and art on loan” from the likes of Shepard Fairey, Cole Sternberg, Tanya Nolan, and Jamie Bush. Not exactly what you’d expect of rug retail.

But Marc Phillips is anything but ordinary, and this project no less exciting than the best of gallery openings. The event is part of the store’s “Breaking Ground Party,” which includes a night of live music, DJs, and body painting.

Marc Phillips recently relocated to Los Angeles after operating the past 16 years in New York City, where the store acquired a loyal following. This exhibit of art rugs highlights the kind of collaborations Marc Phillips has planned over the next year, including an (as yet unrevealed) 2013 project that will benefit PS Arts.

For more information, visit the Marc Phillips website.

Kit Warchol